Greetings! My name is Kelly Russell and I am here to coach you in having a miraculous life.

How do I do that?

Using my superpowers of spiritual clarity, psychological insight, and the ability to simultaneously see both truth and humor – or find the aha! in haha as I like to think of it – I will teach you to rock your joy by transforming your relationships with others, with yourself, and with the Divine.

Everything that is keeping you from living the life you desire falls into one of these three areas – and they are all interconnected.

In the zone of genius where reverence and irreverence meet, assisted by my twin alter-egos of Licensed Psychotherapist and Teacher of A Course in Miracles, I inspire you to reclaim your light by going badass on fear, laughing at the ego’s crazy, and owning your brilliance.

For the uninitiated, A Course in Miracles is a universal thought-system which emphasizes reaching happiness and peace through a shift in perception from fear to love. The tools I use in my coaching are borrowed from the wisdom that my 28 years of combined experience of the practice of psychotherapy and the study of A Course in Miracles have instilled in me.

Are you:

  • stuck in some aspect of your life and unable to move forward?
  • frustrated by some (or all) of your relationships?
  • desiring to make a change but afraid to do so?
  • wanting a more spiritual life but aren’t really feeling a connection?

Many of my clients find themselves having all of the things that are supposed to bring one a miraculous life – marriage, parenthood, money, social life, big house, good job – and yet they feel unsatisfied, empty, and like something is missing. Or they are in conflict, wanting others to behave differently. Or they feel like they have a life purpose that is not being fulfilled. Or they can’t say no.

Does this sound like you?

Do you find yourself struggling with any of the above scenarios?

If so, what do you think is keeping you from getting help? If the answer is some version of, “I just need to get motivated / be more positive / stop whining ” or, “I know what I need to do, I just have to do it” or, “I’m going to do something about this as soon as I have time” I have to ask, how is that working for you so far? Those things might all actually be true, but something appears to be blocking you, and I don’t want be a buzzkill, but it’s probably not going to go away by you continuing to not do what you haven’t been doing.

You need a blueprint for realignment, so you can stop sabotaging yourself and live the life you want to be living.

Spiritual Life-Coaching with me is empowering, life-altering, and kind of a blast.

Working with a coach who is also a licensed therapist and spiritual teacher affords you the unique opportunity to benefit from my education, experience and success in working with clients on both the level of the mind and that of the spirit. Doing so with one who also has an irreverent sense of humor just makes it fun.

Sh*t happens, change doesn’t. Not unless it has a really good reason.

We resist change – so change occurs when the pain of remaining the same becomes worse than the pain of changing. How long have you lived with whatever it is in your life that you would like to see differently? How much longer are you willing to tolerate it remaining the same?

Imagine what it would feel like to have a companion on your road trip to a miraculous life, whose job it is to navigate. A truth ally to impart insight into what is not working and give clarity about what will; and provide support, encouragement and humor along the journey.

Do you want to:

  • be happy no matter what appears to be happening?
  • feel centered, grounded, and aligned with your true nature?
  • free yourself from conflict?
  • experience peace in your relationships?
  • stop sabotaging your success?
  • let go of fear?
  • be content with where you are as you work toward realizing your dreams?

Call me to schedule a FREE Discovery Session, to explore which one of my programs might be most helpful to you in your quest to reclaim yourself.